Making Walking Realistic

Once you make a walk procedure for a biped, you can use it to make all your bipeds walk. When a person walks, they move many of their body parts.

The storyboard below will help you code a reasonably realistic walking procedure. Experiment with it to build your own walking procedure.

Straighten out joints Just in case the person has already moved

Do Together

Left hip turns forward 0.05

Right hip turns backward 0.05

Left shoulder turns right 0.05

Right shoulder turns right 0.05

Get in position to take the first step:

Swing arms and legs through half a step to position the legs and arms for repeated steps in the next section.

Do together

Left hip turn backwards 0.1

Right hip turn forward 0.1

Left shoulder turns left 0.1

Right shoulder turns left 0.1

Move forward

Do Together

Left hip turn forward 0.1

Right hip turn backward 0.1

Left shoulder turns right 0.1

Right shoulder turns right 0.1

Move forward

Repeat for total number of steps


Straighten out Joints To put them back in proper standing position
To make your animation smooth and not jerky between steps, add detail in the movements that makes them begin and end abruptly


Here are two sample walking projects that you can download and study.

Activity - Walking

Build your own procedure to make a biped walk.

Use your procedure in an animation.


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