CodeXXStar Activities

Don't forget that you can still do any of the CodeXX Level Activities that you haven't already done and you can design and make any other animations that you want to. These activities are just to give you ideas to get started!

When you make animations that require user interaction (eg the user needs to click on something or use arrow keys to move), you must first click on the Run window to activate it.



Jumping Jack

Design a fitness animation where a person does Jumping Jacks. The user gets to choose how many Jumping Jacks are done.



Hug a Penguin

Create an animation where there are 2 penguins and a person. Make the penguins taller with each a different size. The person should work out which penguin is taller, then move towards it and give it a hug.




Questions Three

Design an animation where there is a troll guarding a bridge. The troll should ask the user 3 questions before they will be allowed to cross the bridge. The first should have a one word answer, the second should have a number answer, the third should have a true/false answer.

If all 3 answers are correct, the troll should step aside and let the person cross the bridge. If any one answer is wrong, the person should be thrown aside (or have some other terrible fate) and not be allowed to cross.


Solar System

Design a solar system Alice world.

Think about naming the planets, making them the right size compared to each other, maybe even getting them to move.

Guide to building a solar system

Walking Procedure

Revisit your walking procedure animation.

Add a parameter into your procedure called Steps

Then use the same procedure for 3 different people by changing the parameter where one takes 5 steps, one takes 7 steps and the other takes 10 steps.

Funky Fairy Tales

Retell a favourite fairy tale or nursery rhyme using Alice.

Give the user a chance to interact with your fairy tale. Add a twist to make your story a bit different from usual.


Make an Alice animation that will teach somebody how to do something.

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