Magic Spells - Orientation

This video shows you how to use the orientation procedures: turning, rolling, turn to face, point at, orient to


Orientation Procedures

Turning: The turn procedure turns the object on its centre point to left, right, forward and backward. 0.25 turns the objects at 90 degrees.
When the turn procedure is used, the object sense of forward will change accordingly. (Try turning then moving forward to see this)

Rolling: The roll procedure rotates or rolls the object on its centre point to left or right ie. clockwise and anticlockwise.

turnToFace The object will turn to face the other object selected as the argument

pointAt This procedure will rotate the object around its pivot point, so that its sense of forward will be in the direction of the target's pivot point.

orientToUpright Rotates the object around its pivot point making it stand upright

orientTo The object will be rotated around its pivot point to have the same orientation as the target object.


Activity - Magic Spells

Create a scene with a witch, a cauldron with a spoon in it and anything else you want to add in.

Make the witch say a spell, the spoon stirs the cauldron and things happen as the spell is cast.

Add in other actions to make an interesting animation.

Hint: Try something like this code below to make the spoon stir.


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