Making Objects Move

This video will show you how to make objects move in your animations.


Movement Types

Move: This procedure can be used to move the object in all six directions. While dropping the statement you will have to select the direction and distance.

MoveToward: Moves the object towards another object. Here you will have to select the object to move toward to and the distance.

MoveAwayFrom : Similar to the move toward this will move the object away from the other object.

MoveTo: Is used to move an object to another object. The object will move to the centre of the target you specify. You can adjust the position/distance using the mathematical options available

MoveAndOrientTo: This one is same as MoveTo statement, but here the orientation of the object will be adjusted to the target object.

Place: Used to place an object in relation to the other like in front of, right of, left of, below, above and behind.

So go ahead, try the move procedures!

Activity - Marine Scene

Create a marine scene where the fish swim around.


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