Controlling Your Code

The video below you will show you how to make things happen at the same time in your program, and how to use the Count Loop.


Use the spinner to choose 2 of the activities below:


Jumping Jack

Design a fitness animation where a person does 10 Jumping Jacks.

Hint: Use a loop to make the animation repeat, use Do Together to make all the body parts move at the same time.

Fitness Time

Create an animation where one person is doing a fitness activity (eg touching toes) then another person copies each movement.

Hint: Try using the orientTo command to get the second person to copy the movements.

Shark Munch

Design an animation where a shark chases and eats a smaller fish :(

Use a count loop to make the mouth open and shut.

Bouncy Ball

I have started to build a bouncy ball animation, but I need help. The ball bounces nicely, but I want it to move forward at the same time as it bounces up and down. I also want it to bounce 8 times.


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