Dance Together

These videos will show you how to add sounds and music to your animations. You can use sounds from the Alice program, or record your own sounds to use as long as you save them in .wav or .mp3 format.

There is a library of sounds you can use on the Alice website:

Add in Sound Effects

This video will show you how to add in sound effects:


Adjusting Sound Length

This video will show you how to adjust the length of your sounds or music.


Background Music

If you want background music that runs for your entire animation, there is an easier way to add it in than moving all your code into a Do Together block. This video will show you how to do it.



Activity - Dance Together

Create an animation where two people are doing a dance together to some music.

Make sure the music ends at the same time as the dance ends.

Hint: Put your Play Sound command and all your other commands inside a DoTogether block


Your Own Sounds

If you want to create or edit sounds a good free program you can use is Audacity. You can download it from here.

There are tutorials and instructions for Audacity here.

When you use sounds and music you need to think about copyright and whether or not you have permission to use the music. Just because you bought a piece of music does not mean it is legal for you to use or republish that music.

Take care when looking for free sounds and music on the internet. It is an easy way to pick up viruses and malware on your computer!

You could try these sites:

Sound Effects Background Music



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