CodeXX Level Activity Suggestions

Below are some suggestions for activities to help you earn enough points to level up. You don't have to do these activities - they are just ideas to get you started.

Feel free to create projects of your own choice.


Make Martians crash land on Earth.

Make an animal grow larger as it eats food.

Make a troll attack a castle.

Make an explorer discover a Yeti.

Make a story animation for a young child.

Make a welcome animation for a new student starting at your school.

Make a welcome animation for a refugee child coming to your country.

Make an animation to teach someone how to be safe on the internet.

Make an animation to teach children how to stop spreading flu infections.

Animate a favourite riddle or joke.

Animate something that you are studying at school.

Make a series of animations that help someone learn how to use correct grammar.

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