One Shot Procedures

Procedures can be used to move and position objects to set up your initial scene. When calling a procedure, you will have to provide the values for the arguments like direction to be moved and the distance. Later we will use the same type of procedure in the code editor to create our animation.


3D MonsterMash

Download and open this monstermash Alice scene (save the file to your computer, then start Alice. When the templates appear, click on the File System tab, then browse to where you saved monstermash)

Do the following six things:

1. Stand the yeti exactly at ground level (change the position coordinates)

Then use OneShots to:

  1. Place the alien in front of the troll
  2. Turn the green monster to face the troll
  3. Turn the troll so that he is lying flat on his back on the ground
  4. Make the Yeti's right arm point forward
  5. Put the spell book on the table and open it

Tip: Check the side view to make sure you actually have the book ON the table, not like this...

Save it as 3DMonsterMash.


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